Ping Pong explores the stranger side of the ‘Unknown’ on Discovery Channel series ‘Expedition X’. Host Josh Gates has tapped scientist Phil Torres and paranormal researcher Jessica Chabot to investigate reports of supernatural encounters, mysterious creatures, and astonishing extraterrestrial phenomena. Whether trekking through the remote jungles of Cambodia in search of a legendary ape-man, or exploring the secrets of Mexico’s infamous Island of the Dolls, the ‘Expedition X’ team is searching for answers to the world’s most extraordinary mysteries.

Phil Torres

Biologist, Photographer, Explorer

Phil Torres is a biologist, photographer, and explorer who for the last eight years has hosted and filmed science and documentary television around the world. With degrees in biology and entomology from Cornell University, his research took him to the depths of the Amazon Rainforest for 2 years where he worked on new species discoveries and conservation projects. His work has sent him to the bottom of an ocean in a submarine, the Arctic in an ice breaker, and he has even been lost in a forest full of quicksand in Mongolia.

Jessica Chobot

Host, Actress, Writer

Jessica Chobot is an American on-camera host and writer that currently stars in a show called Expedition X on Discovery Channel. She has hosted the IGN shows IGN Strategize and Weekly Wood, which also runs on Xbox Live; she previously worked as presenter of the IGN Daily Fix. Since 2013 she was the primary host of Nerdist News and Nerdist News Talks Back for Nerdist Industries. In 2014 she launched her own podcast titled Bizarre States.