For the Travel Channel series ‘Finding Beasts’, Ping Pong joined forces with wildlife expert Casey Anderson to track down evidence of animals so large or unusual that they are thought to exist only in folklore or to be extinct. Anderson travels to the remote corners of the globe in search of these mysterious creatures, relying on eyewitness accounts and the expertise of local trackers to try and set up a face-to-face encounter. From man-eating tigers in Nepal, to the legendary Alaskan mega-bear, Anderson risks life and limb to discover the real life monsters still lurking in the wild.

Casey Anderson

Wildlife Naturalist, Television Host, Animal Trainer and Actor

Casey Anderson is an American wildlife naturalist, television host, animal trainer
and actor who is best known as the host and executive producer of the National Geographic WILD channel television series, Expedition Wild and America the Wild with Casey Anderson, and for being the trainer and "best friend" of Brutus the Bear, a grizzly bear that he adopted as a newborn cub. Brutus, trained by Anderson, has appeared in many films, documentaries, television commercials, and live educational shows across the United States.